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The Duchess of Malfi

Scenic Designer and Charge Artist


Written by John Webster and Edited by Hayley Rice

Directed by Hayley Rice

Lighting Design: Laura Wiley

Costume Design: Jennifer Mohr

Props Design: Meg X McGrath

Stage Manager: Esau Andaleon

Production Manager: Rose Hamill

Fight Choreographer: Maya Vinice Prentiss

Technical Director/Scenic Artist: Line Bower

Intimacy: Jennifer L. Mickelson

Production Assistant: Payton Shearn

Photography: Joe Mazza

Produced by Babes With Blades Theatre Company

Performed at The Factory Theater

THE DUCHESS OF MALFI: The visual aspects of the production aimed to be a fusion of Renaissance Italy and the goth subculture of the 1980s. The gothic elements were meant to serve as a sign of freedom and self-expression, while the period elements represented the constraints of patriarchal societies and ways of thinking. The crucifix in-lay was the core of the design; it was both the best overlap of the two aesthetics and a reminder of the role that the Christian church has played in policing (in the show, in the past, and in the present) the lives of women and queer people.

Process Work

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