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The American Dream

Scenic Designer


Written by Edward Albee

Directed by Craig Rosen

Lighting Design: Jen Kules

Costume Design: Lena Smith

Props Design: Jessica Dommer & Jackie Bobbitt

Sound Coordinator/ATD: Amanda Hantson

Technical Director: Joseph McDonnell

Stage Manager: Tara Burke


Produced by Moraine Valley Community College

Performed in the Oremus Theater

THE AMERICAN DREAM: With this set, the main goal was emphasizing the ways in which the ideas of the American dream, the nuclear family, and wealth are performed. We wanted to go heavy-handed with American symbols-- namely the American flag; the lives of these characters have-- quite literally-- been built up on these constructed ideas of family and success.  It was important to have barebones decor -- nothing that would show signs of personality, warmth, or that the space was anything more than a display room -- anything more than what these people want others to see of them. While the furniture was minimal, we knew that was there had to look nice while the stage itself looked grungy; the physical status symbols are perfect, while the foundation of the family is dark and tarnished.

Process Work

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