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Hortensia and the Museum of Dreams

Scenic Designer and Charge Artist


Written by Nilo Cruz

Directed by Jesse Carlo

Lighting Design: Megan O'Brien

Costume Design: Elizabeth Collins

Sound Design: Isabel Gable

Props Design: Kevin Rolfs

Hair/Wigs Design: Karen Berger-Nolte
Technical Director: Line Bower

Stage Manager: Ally Longo

Photography: Carl Holmes

Produced by Columbia College Chicago

Performed in the Sheldon Patinkin Theatre

HORTENSIA AND THE MUSEUM OF DREAMS: Taking place in Havana, Cuba, it was vital that the set for this show recreated the architecture of the city, while allowing for the space to feel open. In order to do this in a black box theatre, I designed the set to be as tall as possible and as close to real life scale, with walls that replaced the traditional curtain masking. This made the actors look smaller and implied that the world continued on past what the audience could see, thus making the room feel larger.

Process Work

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