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Dance Nation

Scenic Designer and Charge Artist


Written by Clare Barron

Directed by Alison Dornheggen

Co-Scenic Designer & Co-Charge: Morgan Laszlo

Lighting Design: Jack Goodman

Costume Design: Elly Burke

Sound Design: Kimberly Dunkerly

Props Design: Kevin Rolfs

Hair/Wigs Design: Karen Berger-Nolte

Makeup Design: Veronica Leafblad

Production Stage Manager: Sarah Schorle

Photography: Hannah Johnstone and Morgan Laszlo

Produced by Columbia College Chicago

Performed in Studio 404

DANCE NATION: With the show being centered around a group of competitive child dancers, we wanted to make a set that was both simple and effective. We aimed to merge the spaces of the dance studio and the competitive stage-- creating a space in which these characters are always in the world of dance.

Process Work

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